With ever increasing cuts diminishing our frontline services, our communities and businesses are vulnerable. Proactive Response is an alternative solution within your area, ready to respond within minutes, and increased visibility in your neighbourhood, helps to prevent crime.

Should someone be involved in an incident or accident, Proactive Response can be there to provide assistance and stabilise the situation until the emergency services arrive.

All incidents are documented thoroughly to the required levels of the emergency services and when they arrive this information is handed over to help in their investigations.


  • Highly trained first response, proactive high visibility patrols.
  • Equipped with body cameras, first aid supplies, radio communication & fire control equipment
  • Controlled incident management
  • Community, Residential & Commercial
  • Fire & first aid trained
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Lone worker escort
  • Consultancy: providing safe & secure working practices
  • Working in conjunction with the Emergency Services & Local Authorities.


Highly trained with a ‘boots on the ground’ attitude, our security personnel are recruited former armed services, police, fire, prison service and highly trained close protection officers. Because we know that having the right discipline, attitude, intelligence and fitness level is critical for us to proactively respond fast enough to provide your community or organisation with the best security service possible. All security staff respond proactively to any situation that they may come across.